Branding iOS with the SMPAgentryClient Framework

Branding enables you to personalize the Agentry Client with images and text strings. The Agentry Client can use these resources even before it connects to the server.

You can quickly brand the iOS client using the SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup sample Xcode project, or can use any Xcode project that has been set up to use the SMPAgentryClient framework. You can brand iOS resources, Agentry resources, and Agentry strings.

iOS Resources

iOS resources include resources available to the OS before the application launches, such as the icon and name to use on the springboard or home screen, the default launch images to use while the application loads for the first time, and so on. These resources are usually specified for an application in the Info.plist file. To brand or change these resources, modify the *Info.plist file in the SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup sample Xcode project to change the strings in the strings case or add desired images to the application main bundle with the expected names, for example, Default.png, Icon.png. More information on the format of property list files, see published on non-SAP site.

Agentry Resources

The Agentry Client application uses these resources by default before it has connected to the server, for example, the Login Dialog image or the About Dialog image. These resources are delivered as part of the SMPAgentryClientResources.bundle, which is part of the SMPAgentryClientFrameworkSetup sample Xcode project. To brand or change these resources, add a file of the same name and size to the main bundle of the new application. The Agentry Client gives preference to these resource files over the ones in the bundle.

Agentry Strings

These are localizable strings that are used throughout the Agentry Client User Interface. These can be overridden via the server mechanism, but they can be branded as well in order to customize the app even before the initial transmit. To brand or change these resources, the customer just needs to add a file to the main bundle of their app called Branding.plist. This file should have a all the required strings in a dictionary with the format:
<string>New text</string>
where N is the number of the resource string in the Agentry string resources file, ClientText.ini. For example, the following Branding.plist file changes string 6155 (the Login Dialog Caption) from "Welcome to Agentry" to "Fun with Branded Apps":
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> 
<plist version="1.0"> 
     <string>Fun with Branded Apps</string> 
Some additional special strings you can add to this file:
  • (For connections to SAP Mobile Platform Server 3.x) agentryServerUrl ‒ provides a default URL for a server that prevents the user from being able to select the server URL.
  • (For ANGEL connections) agentryServerAddress and agentryServerPort ‒ brand the server address and port respectively into the file to prevent users from being able to select the URL. (deprecated).