Error handling limitations.

  • The requests computed by the merging heuristic may not match the order or form of the failed requests. As a result, any backend side-effects that rely on a certain type or order of requests may be affected.

    The merging heuristic may alter batch change sets. Requests in one change set may be moved out of a changeset or into another change set. If the transactional boundaries are important, then do not attempt to fix requests and revert the error state before applying any new requests to the offline store.

    Reverting the error state by performing a DELETE of an ErrorArchive entity can not be done from a batch request.

  • Deleting from the ErrorArchive in a batch is not supported.

    There are a number of reasons for this, but most importantly, an ErrorArchive deletion is not simply delete a row from a table. It causes all error information in the store to be reset which can have a large effect on the entire store. Other operations should not rely on the success of this ErrorArchive operation to be executed correctly, which is another reason not to use a change set.