AppUpdate Commands

From the Cordova command line interface (CLI), you can use these commands to perform tasks such as checking an app version status, uploading new app versions to the SAP Mobile Platform Server, removing or promoting pending app versions, and staging or unstaging app revisions.



kapsel status <appid> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Indicates the state of the Kapsel application version:
  • Current – the version of the application that is currently active.
  • Pending – uploaded applications that can be promoted, staged, or removed.
  • Staged – in testing. A user who is defined as a tester can download and test applications. Once testing is complete, an administrator can promote a version to the Current state so it becomes active. If testing fails, the administrator can change the state back to New.

kapsel package <appid> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Creates a ZIP file that contains the HTML files that make up the app.

kapsel upload <appid> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Uploads the ZIP file generated by the package command to the SMP3 server.

kapsel remove <appid> <platform> <revision> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Removes the specified pending application from the server.

kapsel promote <appid> <platform> <revision> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Promotes the specified pending application to the current version.

kapsel stage <appid> <platform> <revision> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Stages the application revision to users defined as testers.

kapsel unstage <appid> <platform> <server_host[:server_port]> <username> <password>

Unstages the application. The application returns to the pending state.