Read Operations

Perform Read operations on an ODataEntity or an ODataEntitySet from OData or JSON service connections.


An ODataEntity or an ODataEntitySet can be read with the following operation:
#pragma mark - SODataRequestDelegate implementation
- (void) requestServerResponse:(id<SODataRequestExecution>)requestExecution {
	id<SODataEntitySet> entitySet = (id<SODataEntitySet>)[(id<SODataResponseSingle>)[ requestExecution response] payload];
	//Handle success in the app logic, note that it’s not called on the mainThread, so the UI can’t be manipulated from here directly.

-(void)requestFailed:(id<SODataRequestExecution>)requestExecution error:(NSError *)error {
    NSString* msg = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Request failed: %@", error.description];
    [self showAlertWithTitle:@"Error" message:msg];