OpenUI Getting Started (WPF)

Set up a C# project and use the sample to customize controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).



  1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio and select Start of the navigation path File Next navigation step Open Next navigation step Project/Solution End of the navigation path.
  2. Navigate to the location where you unzipped the build and select SampleControls.csproj.
  3. Under References, update the AgentryClientSDK that is already there. An easy way is to delete the existing reference and add a new one.
  4. Open Reference Manager and select the appropriate DLL. For example, browse to the WPF installation and choose the appropriate version of AgentryClientSDK.dll.
  5. From Reference Manager, select Start of the navigation path Build Next navigation step Build Solution End of the navigation path.
    The build includes these files in the wpf directory:
  6. Create a CustomControls folder in the wpf folder:
  7. Add your SampleControls.dll to the new wpf folder:

Next Steps

You can now start using the sample:
  • Connect the Agentry .NET Client to a server that is running the OpenUI app provided with the build. This enables you to access a series of screens that use OpenUI fields, most of which use a standard Agentry field for comparison.

  • Use OpenUI for WPF to customize DLLs and controls.