Data Types Defined in the Agentry Client API for External Processes

Within the Agentry Client API for external processes there are certain data types defined: AgentryContext, which is an object obtained using the AgentryInitialize() method, and AgentryPropertiesVector, which is established via a type definition as a vector of AgentryAttrPair items. AgentryAttrPair is a standard pair of strings.

AgentryAttrPair and AgentryPropertiesVector

The AgentryPropertiesVector is provided to allow for property values of a transaction to be set by the external process and passed to the Agentry Client via the ExecuteAgentryTransaction method. This data type is declared in the include file AgentryExternal.h, which should be included in the project containing the external process logic.

This data type is declared by the following typedef statements:
typedef std::pair<std::tstring, std::tstring> AgentryAttrPair
typedef std::vector<AgentryAttrPair> AgentryPropertiesVector

The first typedef statement creates a standard pair of string values identified as AgentryAttrPair. This type is then the member type for the vector declared by the second statement, which is identified as the type AgentryPropertiesVector.

Within the elements of an AgentryAttrPair are stored the name and value of a property within the transaction definition, with the first element of the pair containing the property definition name, and the second containing the value. All values are stored as strings within a given pair and the second element is converted, when necessary, by the Agentry Client to the property data type before assigning the value to the specified property within the transaction. This behavior negates the need to perform any data type conversion within the external process as it would relate to property data types.


This object type is internal to the Agentry Client. A declaration is provided for this object in the AgentryExternal.h header file. A handle to this object is provided by the AgentryInitialize method, which should be called by the external process during startup. The handle is then a required parameter to all API method calls. The handle should be passed to the AgentryUnInitialize method by the external process during shutdown.