This method returns the named property from the previously retrieved object. This method is called after GetPropertyFromMappings, with the property parameter to that method passed to GetPropertyFromObject as the object parameter. Note that this method will return an invalid result if the object parameter is provided any value other than an object.

The name of the property to be returned is provided as the definition name of that property definition within the application project. The property is returned in the property parameter.


void GetPropertyFromObject 
	(VARIANT const object, BSTR propertyName, VARIANT* property)


  • object - The object from which the property is to be retrieved. This parameter should be the value returned in the property parameter of the GetPropertyFromMappings method when that parameter references an object; or from a previous call to GetPropertyFromObject when the property it returns is an object property.
  • propertyName - The name of the property definition to be retrieved within the object. This is the definition name of the property within the Agentry application project.
  • property - This parameter will be set to the property referenced by the propertyName parameter. The type will be set to AXPT_Invalid if the propertyName parameter contains a name not found in the object’s properties.

Return Value

None (see property parameter description)