Share Operation: Updating From the Tip Share Repository Revision


The following items must be addressed prior to performing this procedure:
  • The tip revision within the share repository must be newer than the local Agentry application project’s revision.
  • The current Agentry application project must be connected to a share repository.


This procedure describes the steps necessary to update the local Agentry application project to the latest, or “tip” revision in the share repository to which the local project is connected. When this procedure is complete, the local project will be updated to match the application definitions in the share’s tip revision. As a caveat to this result, if there are conflicts between the tip revision and the local copy of the definitions, it is possible the resulting local copy will differ from the tip revision. These differences can result from how any conflicts are resolved during the update, which can include keeping the local version (which would differ from the share’s tip revision) or merging the differences between the local copy and tip revision.


  1. Right click on the local project in the Project Explorer View. Select the menu item Team | Update from the context menu.

    The update from the share begins immediately. If there are no conflicts with the share and the local project this procedure is complete. The local project is now updated to match the tip revision in the share.

  2. If one or more definitions between the share and local projects are in conflict, a message is displayed indicating there is an issue. Also, the Comparison View is opened and the definitions in conflict are highlighted as differences within this view.

    The following message indicates there are conflicts:

  3. Resolve the conflicts using the Comparison View (opened automatically during the update) to manually import from the share or keep the local version of the definition. In the latter case, these local definitions will be a part of the next revision in the share. For further information on conflicts and resolving them during an update, see the information on “Update Conflicts and Conflict Resolution.”


When this procedure is complete the local project is updated to match the tip revision in the share. If any conflicts occurred, and those conflicts have been resolved, the local project may contain differences from the share’s current tip revision. Those differences will be a part of the definitions committed to the share the next time a commit operation is executed from the local project.