The <row> element verifies the contents and state of a row in a list control. This element can be contained by the <field-expect> and <list-expect> elements. Multiple <row> elements may be contained by the same parent element to verify multiple rows in the same list. The <row> element can specify the row to be verified, or this may be specified by the parent element’s row attribute. The contents of the row can include the text value indicating the expected contents of the row.

The <row> element may also contain one or more <column> elements. Each <column> element will verify the expected contents and/or state of the column it identifies within the row identified by the <row> element.


  • <column>
Contained By:
  • <field-expect> - Only contained by this element when verifying the contents of a field with an edit type that displays a list control on the detail screen.
  • <list-expect>
  • Text - The expected contents of the row.
Table 49: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
row This attribute contains the row position within the list. The top-most row is at position 1. Note that the same list may have a different row at the same numeric position based on sorting of the list. positive integer None No
selected This attribute specifies the expected selected state of the row. This is a Boolean value. The value t is true and the row is expected to be selected. The value f is false and the row is expected to not be selected. Boolean none No