The <script> element is the root element for any Agentry Test Script. All elements are contained within the <script> element, either directly or as descendents. Two of its attributes, timeout and sleep, will affect how each element it contains is processed. The timeout attribute sets the duration of time to wait for an element to be processed. Setting the timeout in the <script> element will set a timeout for all elements. Other elements may individually override this duration with their own timeout attributes. The sleep attribute will set the amount of time to wait for before processing an element within the test script. Setting this attribute for the <script> element will affect all elements, waiting to process each for the configured time. Other elements may individually override this duration with their own sleep attributes.


Contained By:
  • None - Root element for Agentry Test Script files.
Table 33: Attributes
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required
xmlns This attribute defines the base namespace. String urn:script:Agentry:Syclo Yes
xmlns:ags This attribute defines the ags namespace, making it the default namespace. String urn:script:Agentry.Syclo Yes
xmlns:meta This attribute defines the meta namespace used for comments. String urn:meta:Editor.Agentry.Syclo Yes
show-execute This attribute enables or disables displaying log messages from the test script on standard output. When set to true log messages are written to standard output. Boolean False No
common script attributes This element includes the following common script attributes:
  • timeout
  • sleep