The COLLECTION_FIND_BY_NUM function searches a collection property for the first member to match a specified integral value. For object collection properties, the property within each object of the collection to compare to the search value is also specified. This function will return the first member within the specified collection property found to match the provided search integral value. If no member of the collection matches the search value, an empty instance of the member type is returned to the function caller.


    @COLLECTION_FIND_BY_NUM (Collection Property, Search Integral [, Search Property])
  • Collection Property Required property parameter; this parameter is assumed to be a collection property. References the collection the function will search.
  • Search Integral Required integral number parameter; contains the value to search for within Collection Property.
  • Search Property Optional property parameter; when CollectionProperty contains object instances Search Property, specifies the property within that object type to compare against Search Integral. The value of the property specified for this parameter is converted from the data type of the property to an integral number for comparison to Search Integral.

Supported Return Types