Collection Property Type

The collection property data type is defined to store multiple object instances of the same type as a property of a parent object, transaction, or fetch. The object type used in a collection property must have a defined key property to uniquely identify each object instance within the collection property. The default initialization for a collection property is an empty collection.

Each object instance within a collection is considered a child instance to the parent definition of the collection property. In objects, collection properties are commonly used to store object instances within a module to provide a data structure within the module representing the relationship between the different business entities for the module. Collection properties defined in the module main object are commonly referred to as “top-level collections”. Collection properties defined within an object other than the main object are referred to as nested collections.

The collection property type may also store other data types. However, in practice there is limited use for this type of definition. A collection defined to store another collection is not valid.

Collection Property Attributes

  • Name: This is the unique identifier for the property definition. This value must be unique among all properties within the same parent definition.
  • Display Name: This attribute sets the default display name to label or otherwise identify the property value on the Client. This will also be the default label for any screen control that displays this property.
  • Property Type: This attribute specifies the type of property the collection will contain. The default and most common setting for this attribute is Object. There are limited use cases for collections storing instances of any other type of data.
  • Object: This attribute is available when Property Type is set to “Object”. It lists all object definitions within the module and the selection made specifies the type object instances the collection property will contain. The object type to be stored in the collection property must have been defined previously and must have its Key Property attribute set prior to selecting it in the Object attribute field of the collection property definition.