Configuring Eclipse File Associations for Agentry Projects

Configure the file associations within Eclipse for the file types included in the Agentry application project, specifically bitmaps, Windows batch file, SQL scripts, and Linux and UNIX shell scripts. These file associations determine which editors or views Eclipse uses to display file contents and enable editing.



  1. From the Eclipse main menu, select Start of the navigation path Window Next navigation step Preferences End of the navigation path.
  2. Select Start of the navigation path General Next navigation step Editors Next navigation step File Associations End of the navigation path.

    The File Associations preference page appears:

    File Associations preference page

  3. To associate bitmap files with an editor, select *.bmp, click Add in the Associated editors window, then select an internal or external editor from the list.

    If you do not have an external editor, select Image Detail.

    Editor Selection dialog

  4. Associate the rest of the common file types with an editor, then click OK.
    Create any file types not in the list.
    File Type Associated Editor
    .sql SQL Editor
    .bat Text Editor
    .sh Text Editor

Next Steps

Configure the file encoding for the Agentry project.