Transaction Template

Use the Transaction Template option to send receipts of financial transactions. Transaction receipts are sent to payers and payees of transactions via e-mail or SMS messages, based on individual consumer preferences and the data in the template.

Field Description
Use Case Use case for this configuration.
Template Template name available in the message gateway.
Payer Indicates whether this configuration is for the payer or the payee of the transaction.
Active Indicates whether the configuration is active.
Org Unit Organizational unit of the consumer who participated in the transaction.
Transaction Status Status of the transaction about which to send a message.
Test Indicates whether this template is for testing, or for live transactions.
Error Code Error code to include in the message. You can use three different values:
  • 0 – success messages.
  • <N> – message for a particular error.
  • -1 – undefined error codes.