Implement Filters to Replace Parameters and Personalization Keys

The OData $filter system query option can query a subset of entries from a collection of entries using an expression specified in the query option.

These example expressions illustrate the $filter option:
  • .../SalesOrders?$filter=SoID eq '500000000' returns the sales order with SoID equal to ‘500000000’
  • …/SalesOrders?$filter=BuyerName eq 'SAP' returns sales orders bought from SAP
Filtering, along with delta query functions, can be used to meet the requirements set for MBOs including those defined by load parameters, synchronization parameters, and personalization keys. However, due to the inherent differences between the MBO model and the OData standard, a direct mapping between respective features cannot be achieved and expect limitations from either perspective. See $filter System Query Option APIs for more information.