Migrating SAP MBOs to OData Services

Migrate SAP Mobile Platform version 2.<x> MBOs that are bound to an SAP back-end to SAP Mobile Platform version 3.<x> OData services, by leveraging 3.<x> OData SDK and the OData service standard functionality delivered in SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

In SAP Mobile Platform 2.<x>, during MBO synchronization, a number of events occur:
  • Transactions from the client are uploaded and applied to the back-end system.
  • The results of these operations are merged back into the server cache (CDB).
  • Delta changes are retrieved and downloaded to the client.
  • The local client database is updated with the delta changes.
You can use OData services to implement OData:
  • Entity set with delta query support to replace the delta download process of MBOs.
  • Create, update, and delete (CUD) operations to replace the upload process of MBOs.
  • $filters to replace MBO synchronization parameters.

This document guides you through the process of creating OData services that provide equivalent functionality as a corresponding MBO model that includes BusinessPartner, SalesOrder, and SalesOrderItems MBOs.