Send USSD Input State

Sends a prompt for input to subscribers using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

Input Variables

All input variables are optional.
  • Input Validation String – value that can validate expected response values.
  • Input Validation Handler URL – URL to validate expected response values.
  • Mask the Response – select Yes or No to mask input on the telephone.

Output Variables


Follow-up State – OK

Not applicable.

Follow-up State – Fail

If an internal problem occurs formatting the state text.

Follow-up State – Dynamic

Continue the application when a response is received. To determine the follow-up state, compare the response to the values of Expression for follow-up states.

State Editor

This example specifies two follow-up states; if the input value is 0, the Send Response state is called; if the input value is anything else, the Send USSD Input state is called again.

Send USSD Input