Migrating Android Native OData Applications

Migrate your Android OData application from version 2.3 SP04 to SAP Mobile Platform version 3.0.x.


Migrate OData applications by refactoring the classes while performing:
  • Registration
  • Request-Response (data fetch)
  • Parsing


For registration, there are no code changes, and no refactoring is required to migrate an application from 2.3 SP04 to 3.x. Only a rebuild is necessary for 2.3 SP04 applications to continue working with the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 OData SDK. New applications are required to use the new APIs. You must also use the new classes to OData offline and to implement other features such as batch processing.


In version 3.x, a new Request API has been introduced for uniformity in API nomenclature; the SDM APIs from earlier versions have been deprecated. With this change, "SDM*" has been removed from all classes and methods names. Method names mostly remain the same, unless specified otherwise. In this table, class names are listed first, followed by the header files to which the classes belong.
Table 94: Refactored Request Classes
Version 3.0 (New) Version 2.3.x (Deprecated)
RequestManager SDMRequestManager
ConnectivityParameters SDMConnectivityParameters
Preferences SDMPreferences
Logger SDMLogger
BaseRequest SDMBaseRequest
BundleRequest SDMBundleRequest
ResponseImpl SDMResponseImpl
HttpChannelListeners SDMHttpChannelListeners
ConnectivityException SDMConnectivityException
RequestStateElement SDMRequestStateElement
PreferencesException SDMPreferencesException
INetListener ISDMNetListener


In this table, "SDM*" has been removed from all classes and methods names.

Table 95: Refactored Parser APIs
Version 3.0 Version 2.3.x
buildODataEntryRequestBody buildSDMODataEntryXML
parseODataServiceDocument parseSDMODataServiceDocumentXML
parseODataSchema parseSDMODataSchemaXML
parseODataEntries parseSDMODataEntriesXML
parseODataOpenSearchDescription parseSDMODataOpenSearchDescriptionXML
parseODataError parseSDMODataErrorXML
parseFunctionImportResult parseFunctionImportResultXML