Prepare the Project Structure and Copy Dependencies to Your Project

Add MAF libraries to the empty project. MAF includes statically linked libraries with resource bundles. Prepare a folder structure for the dependencies.

  1. Locate MAF libraries in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation a folder, in the NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS and NativeSDK/ODataFramework subfolders.
  2. In the root of your Xcode project, create these folders and subfolders:
    • dependencies/libraries
    • dependencies/includes
    • dependencies/bundles
  3. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/libraries/Debug-universal to dependencies/libraries/Debug-universal:
    • libMAFUIComponents.a
    • libMAFLogViewer.a
  4. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/libraries/Release-universal to dependencies/libraries/Release-universal:
    • libMAFUIComponents.a
    • libMAFLogViewer.a
  5. Copy these folders from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/includes/public/ to dependencies/includes:
    • MAFUIComponents
    • MAFLogViewer
  6. Copy these bundles from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/includes/bundles to dependencies/bundles:
    • MAFUIComponents.bundle
    • MAFLogViewer.bundle
  7. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/libraries/Debug-universal to dependencies/libraries/Debug-universal:
    • libMAFLogger.a
    • libLogger.a
  8. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/libraries/Release-universal to dependencies/libraries/Release-universal:
    • libMAFLogger.a
    • libLogger.a
  9. Copy the MAFLogger folder from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/includes/public/ to dependencies/includes.
  10. Copy MAFLogger.bundle from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/includes/bundles to dependencies/bundles.