Defining the Extensibility XML

The Extensibility Framework relies on metadata stored in an XML file to build its UIs and perform data bindings at runtime.

The XML file must be named according to the app type, either layout_phone.xml or layout_tablet.xml.

Extensibility XML files are stored in the res/raw folder, which you need to create. Right-click the folder, select Start of the navigation path New Next navigation step Other End of the navigation path and choose Start of the navigation path XML Next navigation step XML file End of the navigation path in the wizard. Name the file layout_phone.xml and copy these lines into it:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MAF xmlns="">

	<!-- Define a "tile" - it translates to UIViewController -->
	<Tile tileId="First Extensible Screen">

		<!-- This is our root view -->
		<P pid="isRoot" value="true" />