Comparing the MBO Data Model with the OData Model

Compare an MBO data model with the corresponding OData data model you create with NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder.

In SAP Mobile Platform version 2.<x>, you design and create MBOs in SAP Mobile WorkSpace. There are a number of tools with which you can create equivalent OData data models. You can create models in an external client tool, such as:
Once you have created a model, export it as an EDMX or XML formatted file. EDMX is an entity framework modeling XML format representing an entity data model. SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder can take EDMX or XML files as input and create an implementation based on the model, as well as the shells for corresponding runtime implementations. Service Builder equips developers with a project-based service design and development tool and supports developers throughout the entire development life cycle of an OData service.

This MBO-based data model, defined in SAP Mobile WorkSpace, includes BusinessPartner, SalesOrder, and SalesOrderItems MBOs, which are bound to an SAP back end.

MBO Data Model

You can use the SAP Mobile Platform Tools OData modeling tool to create a similar data model. You can then use the model as a basis to generate the ABAP runtime artifacts on the Gateway system.

OData data model