getPaginationNextIndex() method

Index recognized by the algorithm for pagination to the next page.

protected int getPaginationNextIndex ()


pagination index number


By default, this is set to 9. The default maximum number of menu items is set to 8 (including pagination and possible exit index). So, there is a gap of 7 and 8. By default, the full menu will be displayed as follow. <br> <pre> 1: Item1 2: Item2 3: Item3 4: Item4 5: Item5 6: Item6 9: More 0: Exit </pre> <p> Implementation state may override this to a different number, if needed. <b>NOTE</b>: <ul> <li>The pagination index number returned by this method is in synch with the pagination index string returned by the {@link #getPaginationNext()} method. </li> The pagination index can be treated separately from the maximum number of menu items. In other words, the maximum number of menu item can be set to 4, for example, and the pagination index is kept as default (i.e., 9). However, if the maximum number of menu items (getMaxMenuItems()) is increased to greater than 10, then the pagination index number and text needs to be adjusted to a larger number accordingly.