Installing the Integrated Test Environment

If you plan to use the integrated Agentry test environment, the plug-in is installed automatically as part of Agentry Editor. No additional installation is needed, but some configuration may be required.


You must install Agentry Editor, which includes the Agentry test environment, into a fresh Eclipse installation. You cannot install into an Eclipse installation where your previous Editor is installed.


Since the integrated Agentry Test Client works in a mixed environment, you may need to adjust the configuration to ensure both Agentry Editor and the Agentry test environment work in Eclipse.

To make configuration changes:
  1. Make sure the PATH can locate your JRE, and the jvm.dll. You can either:
    • Make sure the PATH to your JRE (where a jvm.dll can be found) is ahead of anything else on your path that could lead to your JVM being resolved as javaw.exe instead of jvm.dll(such as C:\\WINDOWS\\system32).
    • Specify an explicit path to a jvm.dll in your eclipse.ini (found in the folder where you installed Eclipse). For example, –vm C:\myJRE\bin\jvm.dll.
  2. Restart Eclipse.