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Name Description
Core SDK Collection of core activities of SAP Intelligent RPA. Use them for accessing application screens and UI elements. Dedicated activities are available for connectors.
Automation Alerting Collection of activities for sending automation alerts to the Intelligent RPA Factory
Base64 Encoding Collection of functions related to Base64 encoding.
Converters (JS, JSON, XML...) Collection of conversion functions between two formats such as JS, JSON, XML.
Cryptography collection This library contains cryptography algorithms
Data Type Management Contains the functions to work with data types.
Diagnostics Collection of functions that help troubleshooting, making local or remote analysis of the Desktop Agent.
Enumerations and Constants Updated Collection of enumerations and constants for various object model in the SAP Intelligent RPA application.
Auto-completion can help discovering the possible enumerated values.
Errors Collection of functions for thrown errors.
File System (FS) Collection of functions for accessing and manipulating File System objects such as Copy, Move...
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Collection of functions for File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Information Collection of activities to retrieve environment information
Clipboard Collection of activities related to clipboard management. Use get or set in order to retrieve or define the current value of the OS clipboard.
List Management Collection of activities to work with lists.
Monitoring Collection of functions to add monitoring activities to your automations; these activities will send messages to be collected by the Factory.
Mouse Collection of functions related to mouse emulation. Most of the activities require a Windows session unlocked to work properly.
Dialogs Collection of functions to display a dialog for users. Users can receive or supply information.
Registry Collection of functions related to Windows Registry. Use with caution: some registry information might require administrative rights.
HTTP Request Collection of functions related to HTTP requests for retrieving information from web sites or web services.
SAP GUI Collection of activities related to SAP GUI for Windows. SAP GUI is the Windows full client frontend for accessing SAP ECC. The following activities are designed to work seamlessly with the SAP GUI objects such as fields, buttons...
Security Collection of activities about security.
UIAutomation The UIAutomation SDK package contains all activities based on the UIAutomation protocol. You can use these activities directly in your project automation.
Variable Management Collection of activities to create or update variables.
Local Agent Variables Collection of activities to retrieve and read variables from the local Agent.
Local Agent Credentials Collection of activities to retrieve and read credentials from the local Agent.
WMI Client Collection of functions introspecting some key elements of the system such as execution environment, powered by Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).


Name Description
certificateContainer Certificate container
keyContainer Key container
Data Object Validation Result of the validation of a data Object. If one property of the object has a wrong type, the isValid parameter is expected to be false and the error message can be retreived.
File Statistics File Statistics
Ftp Content Info Ftp Content Info
Job Parameters
Add Job Result
Job Properties
Simple Info Dialog Parameters Simple Info Dialog Parameters
Simple Input Dialog Parameters Simple Input Dialog Parameters
Response Status Response Status Datatype
Window Position
Screenshot Window Position
Quality for tiff or jpg