Shell Creation for SAP ERP


You can create a system copy with reduced data volume excluding application data and unnecessary clients.

You can use this newly created, empty receiver system for different scenarios in SAP Landscape Transformation.


The usage of the shell is integrated in the Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM).

The client data ist transferred with high speed using SWPM from the sender system into the receiver system.

Data transfer is possible from non-Unicode to Unicode and OS/DB.


You are using SAP Landscape Transformation (version 2.0 SP07 or higher).

Your SAP ERP system is based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) and SWPM 1.0 or higher.


The created shell contains the following general data

  • Repository

  • Customizing data

  • Cross-client data

The created shell also contains the following data of the selected clients:

  • Client-specific application data

  • Customizing data

  • User data

  • Roles and authorizations

  • Variants

  • Address data

  • ...

The receiver system does not contain the following types of data:

  • Client-specific Customizing

  • Client-specific application data


You create the shell by specifying in the export phase for the source system, which clients with their complete data records should be transferred into the target system.

The process contains the following phases:

  1. Prepare system copy

  2. Specify export parameters

  3. Select tables for client export

  4. Clean up shell system