Overall Customer Discounts

Discount lists allow you to determine all discounts that apply within sales and service documents. Depending on your configuration, you can create and maintain several discount lists such as overall customer, overall customer group, customer product, and customer product category specific discount lists.


Create a Overall Customer Discount

  1. Go to Start of the navigation pathProducts Next navigation step Discount ListsEnd of the navigation path.

  2. Choose New, then select Overall Customer Discount.

  3. In the General view, enter the name of the discount and the dates it will be valid.

  4. In the Items view, edit the overall customer discounts as required.

    1. To add new items to the discount list, click Add Row or Add Multiple Item. In the new row or rows, enter the account ID and the percentage.

    2. To remove an item from the discount list, select the row and click Remove.

    3. To change multiple prices by the same fixed amount or percentage, click Mass Change and follow the steps in the change prices guided activity.

  5. You can now save and release the discount list.

    The new discount list is saved to the system and added to the list in the Discount Lists sub view. To open the discount list from this list, click the appropriate discount list ID link.