Learn how approvals work in the solution.

Approval workflows are configured by your solution administrator and help streamline your business processes. Approvals are typically routed to your reporting line manager, though there may be multiple levels of approval required for certain objects or conditions. Your administrator can also incorporate conditions into the approval process itself such as limits to the amount an approver is allowed to approve. And finally, your administrator can configure your solution to include e-mail approval notifications in addition to the default notifications found in the toolbar.

Important Facts About Approvals

  • One business transaction can have one active approval process.
  • Within an approval process, you can define several approval steps with different approvers and conditions.
  • For multiple approval steps, the system checks each step in succession for the defined conditions. If approval for one step is not granted, then the system will not proceed to the next approval step.
  • The approval notifications, such as the request and the confirmation, appear in the notification area of the system for the involved employees and managers.
  • If the approver finds an unsatisfactory transaction, then the approver can add a comment and return it to the employee for revision. The employee then revises the transaction and submits it again for approval. Once the business transaction is correct, it can be further processed.
  • The approval process can be enhanced with e-mail notifications that are sent directly to the applicable employees, as described in the prerequisites below.

Workflow Rules for Tickets and Contracts

Based on your settings in the business configuration scoping, the approval for tickets can be triggered either manually or automatically when the relevant conditions are met. The system then raises a warning message and you either submit the ticket manually by choosing Start of the navigation pathApproval Next navigation step Submit for ApprovalEnd of the navigation path or the ticket is automatically sent for approval when it is saved.

The standard solution does not currently provide approval or revision notifications for tickets and contracts. If needed, you can define appropriate workflow rules for the same.

Disabled Actions and Fields in Tickets

As long as the ticket is In Approval you can't change the ticket anymore. The only enabled fields and actions are the Internal Notes and all follow-up actions.

Also the actions Copy to CRM and Release to ERP are disabled when the approval status is Not Started, In Approval, Rejected, In Revision, or Withdrawn.

Reminder for Pending Approval

If an approval is pending for a certain time, notifications can be created through workflow rules to inform employees about the delay.

Sales Quote as PDF Attachment

If you enable approval processes for sales quotes, the approval e-mail will be sent out with the corresponding sales quotes as PDF attachment.


Campaign Approvals


Multi-Step Approval for Opportunity

Let’s say your system has been set up with a rule that requires your manager’s approval for any opportunity that has a less than a 20% probability of closing but that has already been published to the forecast. In addition, there’s another rule that requires the top-level account owner’s approval for any opportunity at an “A” category customer within a specific region. When you create an opportunity that fits both of these conditions, you are prompted to submit it for approval. The system then notifies your manager who can either approve the opportunity or send it back to you for revision. Once your manager approves it, the system will send a notification to the top-level account owner who also needs to approve the opportunity before it can move to the next stage in your business process.