Electronic Data Interchange / IDoc Interface (SD-EDI)


The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) component in Sales and Distribution consists of an Intermediate Document (IDoc) interface. You can use this interface to

  • send messages (outbound processing) such as an order confirmation through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • receive messages (inbound processing) such as a sales order through EDI


Many large companies (such as automotive suppliers) require their vendors to use EDI.

For information on EDI in the components supplying industry, refer to Intermediate Documents for Scheduling Agreements .

In Sales and Distribution, output determination is initiated during outbound processing.

For information on output determination in Sales and Distribution, see Output Determination (SD) .

For information on output (or message) control in general, see CA - Message Control in Cross-Application Components .


During outbound processing in Sales and Distribution, the system determines output using the output determination component. The system converts the data into an IDoc and issues it using the IDoc interface.

During inbound processing, the sender converts the data into IDocs and passes it on to the IDoc interface. These IDocs are stored in the SAP System. In a second step, the system creates the document data.

Note Note

SAP does not provide EDI converters.

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For more information on the IDoc interface in general, see IDoc-Interface / Electronic Data Interchange in the cross-application documentation The IDoc Interface (BC-SRV-EDI) .