VDM Annotations

Allow classifying views of the virtual data model in terms of their admissible reuse options and provisioned content

Scope and Definition

Annotation VDM
   viewType : String enum { BASIC; COMPOSITE; CONSUMPTION; };
   private : Boolean default true;


VDM is intended to be interpreted by view browsers and other functionality which is based on the virtual data model.

This classification is used only for SAP internal structuring and interpretation of the CDS views. Releasing CDS views for customers and partners is controlled by additional internal classification of the views.

Annotation Meaning


Defines the type of a VDM view


Evaluation Runtime (Engine): None - Used for SAP internal structuring and interpretation of the CDS views


Value Description
BASIC views that form the core data basis without data redundancies.
COMPOSITE views that provide data derived and/or composed from the BASIC views.
CONSUMPTION views that serve for specific application purposes and may be defined based upon public interface (for example, BASIC and COMPOSITE) views.


Private interface (for example, BASIC and COMPOSITE) views represent technical helper views which may only be used by their defining responsibles.


Evaluation Runtime (Engine): Interpreted by ABAP Runtime Environment


Example 1

Defining a public basic VDM interface view:

Example 2

Defining a private composite VDM interface view: