Generating an OData Service Based on a CDS View

You have different options to generate a CDS view as OData service:
Table 5: Options to Generate OData Services


Use Case


More Information


You created a root CDS view and, for example, several other CDS views that are children of your root CDS views. All these views together build a simple composition. The CDS views of this composition might have associations to other entities. You want to generate an OData service from this composition and the fist level of associations.

Do not use this option if:
  • Your composition is more complex and you need to include several association levels in your OData service.
  • You want to generate a hybrid scenario where implementations are based on CDS views and on custom logic.

ABAP Developer Tools - Eclipse

Generate Service Artifacts From a CDS View

Referenced data source

Use Case 1:

You created several CDS views and complex CDS view compositions. You need to include in the OData service several levels of associations from CDS views to other entities

Use Case 2:

You created a CDS view that contains features that are not supported by CDS. and complex CDS view compositions. You need to implement these features manually in the CDS view. To implement, for example, dynamic field control, you need to implement custom logic in an extensible model provider class.

Transaction SEGW

Generating an OData Service Based on a Referenced Data Source

Mapped data source

You modeled an entity set in transaction SEGW from a DDIC structure. You want to map fields of a CDS view to your custom model. You furthermore want to reference from your custom model to another CDS view, for example, and therefore need to map the two different entity sets.

Transaction SEGW

Generating an OData Service Using the Mapping Editor