Adding Field Control

This topic treats the concept of field control in the context of SAP Fiori application development for transactional use cases.

Field Control in a Nutshell

Field control is a means that you can provide as information to the service on how data has to be displayed for consumption in the SAP Fiori UI.

In general, the following characteristics are relevant when providing field control:
  • Read-only: - Will the user be allowed to change the value of a field (or a node instance)?

  • Mandatory: - Must the user provide a value?

  • Hidden: - Should a field be available for consumption in the UI?

The field control can relate to individual properties (node attributes in BOPF) or a whole entity (business object node instance in BOPF).

The field control information is either static or dynamic:

  • Static - The field control information is valid for all instances of a business object node, regardless of their state. For example, consider a field PAID in an invoice scenario that is always read-only since it can only be changed by an action, not directly by the consumer after an update procedure.

    More on this: Static Field Control

  • Dynamic - The field control information depends on the state of the node instances. For example, the field COMMENTS should be read-only if the invoice‘s PAID attribute is set to true.