Developing a Simple List Reporting App


In this Getting Started section, you have the opportunity - starting from an already existing data model - to develop a simple list - reporting scenario based on the standardized ABAP programming model for SAP Fiori. You will be guided step-by-step through the new development infrastructure, which includes technologies such as Core Data Services (CDS), SADL, and SAP Gateway.

In this scenario, the assumption is that the business logic is already provided with the FPM application model and that it allows users to create and manage sales orders. In the first step, you will use the well-known ABAP Development Tools to implement a CDS consumption view as a new data model layer, using a data source that is already provided with the EPM application.

From within your development environment, you can continue with the next step towards consumption of the corresponding OData service. Here, you will use the CDS tools as part of the ABAP development environment to generate all artifacts that are required for service activation in the SAP Gateway hub.

As soon as the OData service is activated in the SAP Gateway, it is ready for consumption through an OData client, such as an SAP Fiori app. Therefore, in our final step, we are going to build a Fiori UI using Smart Templates as Fiori building blocks. Finally, you can test the resulting list-reporting app within the SAP Fiori Launchpad environment.

Video Available

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Architecture Overview

Architecture components of the sample application to be developed
Figure 1: Architecture components of the sample application to be developed


By the end of this Getting Started section, you will be able to...

  • Create a DDL source in ABAP Development Tools for defining an ABAP CDS view
  • Implement an ABAP CDS view for a simple data model based on existing data definition from EPM scenario
  • Understand some basic CDS view annotations
  • Perform a so-called auto-exposure process, which automatically exposes the CDS view as an OData service to the SAP Gateway hub
  • To activate and test the exposed OData service in SAP Gateway
  • Define a SAP Fiori Smart Template that implements the consumption layer
  • Run the resulting app in Fiori Launchpad