Work Schedule Rule


You specify in the work schedule rule which period work schedule is to be used when and on which day of the period for the work schedule to be generated. Examples of Work Schedule Rules :

  • Flextime

  • Early, late or night shifts

  • Flexible working time

  • and so on

The period work schedule is assigned to the work schedule rule. The pattern of the daily work schedules is specified in the period work schedule. The period work schedule is then assigned to the desired personnel subarea grouping for daily work schedules . In this way, the work schedule rule defines:

  • Personnel subarea or employee subgroup groupings for which the same work schedule rule applies

  • Employee working times by selecting specific daily work schedules

  • Periods in the daily work schedules which repeat by selecting a specific period work schedule

For more information, see the section on Work Schedules .


The work schedule rule is extremely flexible:

  • You can generate a variety of different work schedule rules from one period work schedule:

    • A single period work schedule forms the basis for three work schedule rules for a rotating shift with three variants. You can distinguish early, late and night shifts according to their different starting points for the period work schedule.

    • You can use one period work schedule for any number of public holiday calendars. When the system generates the work schedule, it takes account of the public holiday calendar stored in the work schedule rule.

    • A Personnel Subarea Grouping for Work Schedules is assigned to a work schedule rule. In this way, you can use one period work schedule for many groupings.

  • You can define various rules for working on public holidays in the work schedule rule by defining special rules for the applicable employee subgroups. For more information on selection rules for day types, see the Defining Selection Rules step in the Implementation Guide (IMG).

  • You first define your employees’ average working times in the work schedule rule. This data can be used for payroll and other purposes.

Example Example

Using average working times provides a balanced valuation of leave times. They allow you to valuate a leave day falling on a Friday, for example, exactly as you would any other day of the workweek.

End of the example.