Daily Work Schedule


The daily work schedule determines the structure of working times in your enterprise at the daily level. You can also define actual normal working conditions and those that differ from externally or internally determined daily working times. In this way, you set up working times defined for specific employees.

The planned working time specified in a daily work schedule is the basis for payment calculation of actual working times that are relevant for payroll, as well as the valuation of attendances and absences.

The daily work schedule, along with Break Schedules , comprise the working times for a particular day. You can base the daily work schedule on such working time models as flextime by defining the following:

  • Core times

  • Tolerances

  • Compensation times


You can create various working time models and assign them to many employees using just one daily work schedule, thus reducing unnecessary time and cost. Here are several ways of using just one daily work schedule:

  • You can also use one daily work schedule to represent working time provisions for different personnel subarea groupings. This is useful if different public holiday calendars are assigned to the individual personnel subareas, but start/end times and breaks are the same.

  • You can specify additional data that differs from working time models in a daily work schedule variant. In this way, you can define working time provisions for public holidays, for example, in the daily work schedule. Depending on the assigned public holiday class, you can define working time provisions for days that precede Christmas and New Year’s Day. You can also use the rule group for quota deduction to specify how the system should evaluate leave taken on days with reduced working hours (that is, if working 4 hours on these days equals a half day or full day). For more information, see Personnel Subarea Groupings .

You can create several variants of the same daily work schedule. Thus, you can define daily work schedules to apply only on Fridays, when employees work fewer hours than on other weekdays.

You can assign a break schedule to the daily work schedule that was either specifically defined in a previous step or was copied from a break schedule already defined.