Managing Active Visas (Active Visas tab)


In the Active Visas tab, you see the active exit and reentry visas from Muqeem system. It shows the single entry, multiple entry, and final exit visas that are valid, which means those within the travel before validity period for expats who have not traveled to KSA yet, and those that have not expired for expats who have already traveled.

You can do the following in this tab:



Issue Visa

Issues an employee’s visa. For issuing a visa, proceed as follows:

  1. Specify the sponsor ID and then choose Issue Visa.

  2. Select the employee and fill out required fields, such as Visa Type and Duration.

If the employee bears the cost of the visa, you can enter the relevant amount. This is automatically saved in Additional Payments (0015) with the wage type that you specify in the SAEMQ feature.

Note Note

You have the option to check whether the visa is eligible for issuing or not before choosing to issue the document. The check is also executed when you try to issue a visa. This activity creates a record in Personal ID (0185) infotype with the following mapping:



Begin Date

Issue Date

End Date

Travel Before Date

Date of Issue

First Travel Date

Valid To

Expiry Date (appears if the employee has traveled; determined by Travel Date + Duration)

Length of Visa

Visa Duration

Travel Date

First Travel Date

Return Date

Last Return Date

End of the note.

Cancel Visa

Cancels the employee’s visa. If you perform this action, a cancellation is sent to the Muqeem system, and the Visa Status field of the record in the Personal ID (0185) infotype is updated to become cancelled (as specified in feature SAEMQ).

Synch Data

Synchronizes data between the Muqeem and SAP systems, taking all (or selective) records from the Muqeem system and updating the corresponding visa records in Personal ID (0185) based on the visa number.


Displays the selected record on a pop-up. From there, you can print the selected visa.