What a Customer COE Should Know About Incident Management

How the Perfect Incident Looks How to Confirmyour Incident When a solution has been provided for your incident and the solution is accepted by you, The incident-solving process is completed as follows: ▪ SAPProposedSolution If the support engineer is able to provide a qualified solution, the incident is put into status SAP Proposed Solution . ▪ Confirmed It is highly recommended to confirm incidents manually by you. To do so please put status into Confirmed . Afterward, the Positive Call Closure survey allows you to give feedback on the particular incident and support experience. Incidents of status Customer action , In process by customer , Partner- Customer Action , or Solution proposed by SAP are automatically confirmed after a certain period of time. The confirmation date depends on the priority of the incident. Priority Periodof time Very High 14 days High 21 days Medium 45 days Low 45 days 18