The Server Connection Page

Configure the connection to your instance of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

You can save your server connection settings to reuse the next time you launch the Wizard. If you have previously saved connection settings, select Accounts and select your server connection settings from the Accounts List.

To complete this page, you'll need to provide the following:

  • The Admin API and Admin UI URLs for your instance of the SAP Cloud Platform
  • The authentication method, either Basic or SAML
  • The username and password for an SAP Cloud Platform account

You can find the Admin API and Admin UI URLs on the Important Links page of the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit. To access this page, log in to the SAP Cloud Platform, navigate to the Mobile Services service, then select the Important Links link on the bottom of the left navigation pane.

The Wizard supports both Basic authentication and SAML authentication using SAP IDP or Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). SAML support provides a "headless" implementation: the user must still provide a user name and password and is not presented with a webview.


Please note that SAML functionality has been tested using the defaults for the SAML form. Customizations to the SAML form, such as changing the input field IDs, may cause authentication to fail. In the event of a problems, contact SAP Support for assistance.

  1. Copy the Admin API URL from the Important Links page and paste it in the Admin API URL box.

    This URL is used to access the mobile services cockpit API. When you provide the API URL, the Wizard autofills the Admin UI URL box with the standard default value.

  2. Verify that the autofilled URL in the Admin UI URL box matches the Admin UI URL as displayed on the Important Links page. If required, modify the value in the field.

  3. Select the required authentication method, either Basic or SAML, from the Authentication Type list.

    This is the authentication method that the Wizard uses to connect to the platform to retrieve settings such as application definitions and OData service destination profiles.

  4. Type the user name and password for your SAP Cloud Platform account in the Username and Password boxes.

  5. To save these settings for reuse, select the Save Account Information check box.

    When you select this check box, the Wizard autofills the Account Name box with your account name. This value is used to identify the account profile in the Accounts List.

    On first use of the Wizard, you are prompted to enable or disable a passcode for encrypting the data passed to the SAP Cloud Platform.

    To enable a passcode, select Enable and set a passcode. The passcode must be at least 8 characters with at least one capital letter and one number. If you select Disable, the Wizard generates a passcode for encryption.

    If you set a passcode, you'll be prompted to provide it whenever you start the Wizard if your saved data is to be used.

    You can enable or disable a passcode later using the configuration icon in the upper right corner of the Accounts dialog.

  6. Select Next to proceed to the Cloud Configuration page.

    The Wizard connects to SAP Cloud Platform to verify the settings.