The OData Services Page

Specify the destination of your OData services. A destination is a connection to a data source.

If you are creating a new application, you'll need to add a destination. If you are basing your application on an existing application definition, there should already be existing destinations in the Connections list.

To add a new destination, you'll need the network details for the connection including the OData endpoint URL, the proxy type, the URL rewrite mode, and the authentication type. Contact your network administrator to determine the correct settings for the destination. For more information, see Defining Connectivity in the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services documentation.

You can also configure your app to consume OData services, referred to as "OData APIs", that are hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform API Management service's developer portal or on the SAP API Business Hub.


If you do not have administrator privileges, the Add, Remove, and Edit buttons are unavailable. If you are creating a sample app, the Add and Remove buttons are unavailable.

  1. Choose an existing destination from the list or select Add to add a new destination.

    You can also add a destination that uses OData services hosted on a developer portal or the SAP API Business Hub. Select Add new from API Management and provide connection details as required. See Adding a Destination using OData APIs from a Hosted Site for more information.

  2. If you chose to add a new destination, choose an existing destination from the Add Existing tab or define a destination from the Create tab.

  3. To create a new destination, specify the following:

    • Name – The name of the back-end endpoint, which is automatically filled in for the destination.
    • Backend URL – The OData endpoint URL.
    • Proxy Type – Either OnPremise or Internet.
    • URL Rewrite Mode – Configured to determine where to rewrite the URL.
    • Maximum Connections – The number of allowed parallel connections.
    • Authentication Type – The authentication type used between the mobile service and the OData endpoint.


    The new destination is created on the server after you select Finish at the end of the wizard.

  4. Select Next to proceed to the Android Studio Project page.