Running the Wizard

Launch the Wizard and follow the prompts to create a starter app configured with connections to the SAP Cloud Platform and OData services. You can also use the Wizard to enable features such as logging and push notifications on your generated app.

You require an SAP Cloud Platform account with administrator privileges to create or edit configuration settings on the SAP Cloud Platform. If your account does not have administrator privileges, Wizard controls requiring full permissions are unavailable. See the Wizard screen topics for more information about account restrictions.

Using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services for SAML Authentication

If you are using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) for user authentication, then you will need to add an extra Endpoint to your configured Relying Party Trust in order for the Wizard to authenticate against AD FS.

  1. Open the AD FS Management console and select Relying Party Trusts from the navigation pane.
  2. Select the configured relying party trust and select Properties.
  3. From the Endpoints tab, select Add SAML….

    The Edit Endpoint dialog is displayed. 4. Edit the endpoint as follows: 1. From the Endpoint type list, select "SAML Assertion Consumer". 2. From the Binding list, select "POST". 3. Add the Index which does not exist yet. Do not make this the default. 4. Add the following as the Trusted URL: https:///mobileservices/origin/hcpms/application/v1/odata/admin/ApplicationSet/$count 6. Select OK to save your settings and close the Edit Endpoint dialog. 7. Select OK to close the Properties dialog.


  1. From the Android Studio Welcome screen, select Start a new SAP Cloud Platform Android project.

    You can also start the Wizard by opening Android Studio and selecting File > New > New SAP Cloud Platform Android project.

  2. Follow the steps in the Wizard. For details of how to complete each screen, see the following topics: