Adding a Destination using OData APIs from a Hosted Site

Add a destination to OData services using APIs hosted on the SAP API Business Hub or the SAP Cloud Platform Developer portal.

The SAP API Business Hub is a central API catalog available for developers who are building apps, extensions, and process integrations with SAP Cloud Platform. See the SAP API Business Hub documentation for more information.

The Developer portal is a platform for application developers for building, publishing, and consuming APIs. Every API Management customer is provided with a Developer portal on the SAP Cloud Platform. See the SAP Cloud Platform API Management documentation for more information.

The SAP API Business Hub may include both a sandbox and a production service. To access APIs on the sandbox service, you'll need an SAP API Business Hub account in order to retrieve an API key.

To access APIs on the production service of either the SAP API Business Hub or the Developer portal, you'll need to get the backend URL for the API and request an API key from the API owner. To access APIs from the Developer portal, you'll need a developer account.


  1. From the OData Services page of the Wizard, select Add new from API Management.

    The API Management wizard opens.

  2. From the Select an API Management account page, select either SAP API Business Hub or Use Developer Portal.

    If you chose to use the developer portal, specify the following:

    • Name of the Developer Portal – (Optional) To save your settings for reuse, provide a name for this profile and select the Save Account Information check box.

      This name is used to identify the profile in the Accounts List available from Developer Portals. * URL of the Developer Portal – The URL of your developer portal. You can obtain this URL from the API Management service cockpit. * Username and Password – The credentials of the Developer account associated with the Developer Portal.

  3. Select Next to proceed to the Select an API product page.

    The Wizard retrieves all API products that have at least one OData API.

  4. Select an API product from the list, then select Next.

    The Wizard opens the Select an artifact page and displays all OData APIs associated with the selected product.

  5. Select the API to be used in the application, then select Next.

    The Wizard displays the Provide additional details for the selected API page.

  6. Select either Sandbox version or Production version from the Service to Use list.

  7. If you chose the Production version:

    1. Select the required service URL format from the Service URL list.
    2. Specify any required values in the fields provided to construct the backend URL.

      The required properties may include account short name, appname, host and port, SSL host and so on.

    3. Enter the API key that you acquired from the API owner.

  8. If you chose the Sandbox version, enter your username and password, then select Get API Key to retrieve the API key.

  9. Select Finish to save the destination and close the wizard.

    The new destination URL appears in the Add/Create New Destination dialog. Review the default settings and then select Add. The new destination appears in the destinations list on the OData Services page.