The Android Studio Project Page

Specify a name for your project as well as the project namespace and location.

You can also use this page to choose the target language—either Java or Kotlin—for your generated app.

  1. Type a name for your project in the Project Name field. The name cannot contain special characters except for the underscore (_) character.

    When you type a name, the Wizard appends the project name to the end of the project namespace.

  2. If required, type another unique ID for your project in the Project Namespace field.

    The project namespace cannot contain white spaces or special characters.

  3. Type a path for your project in the Project Location field.

    You can also select a path and folder for your project using the browse (...) button.

  4. From the Target Language area, select either Java or Kotlin for your generated app.

  5. Select Next to proceed to the Project Features page.