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Creating an SAP Cloud Platform Trial Account

Create an SAP Cloud Platform trial account and enable the Mobile Services service.

  1. In your browser, navigate to the SAP Cloud Platform web site at and click Start your free trial.

  2. Register for your trial account. When you click Submit, you'll receive a confirmation message indicating that an activation link has been sent to your email account.

  3. Open the activation email and click the activation button.

  4. Log in to the SAP Cloud Platform with your new account credentials.

    You'll be prompted to upgrade your account.

  5. Complete the Upgrade Account dialog and click Register.

    The SAP Cloud Platform cockpit opens.

  6. Click the Neo Trial tile on the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit homepage.

    You are redirected to your subaccount overview page.

  7. From the left navigation pane, click Services and then find Mobile Services, std under the Mobile category on the services page.

  8. Click the tile to open the Mobile Services, std - Overview page.

  9. Click Enable to enable the service.


    This may take a few minutes to complete.

  10. Once the service is enabled, click on Go to Service under Take Action to open the service.

    The SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit opens in a new browser tab.