Follow the tasks in this section to install the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android and create your first Android mobile app.

The SDK software comes with an Android Studio plugin that includes an easy-to-use wizard (the "Wizard") for generating your app. The Wizard includes settings that enable SAP Cloud Platform features for your generated app such as logging and push notifications. Launch the Wizard from Android Studio and follow the prompts.

If you choose not to use the Wizard, you can always create a new Android Studio project and then configure it to use the SDK.

The SDK is designed for mobile apps that connect to the SAP Cloud Platform and use the platform's services. To take advantage of the SAP Cloud Platform's mobile features, you'll need to log in to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and enable Mobile Services.

If you don't have an SAP Cloud Platform account, you can sign up for a free trial account and create up to five (5) sample apps. See Creating an SAP Cloud Platform Trial Account for more information.

When you install the SDK, the installation script copies the SDK libraries to the local Maven repository and installs the plugin.

If required, you can specify a different Maven repository for the Wizard from the Android Studio Settings menu.

The SDK for Android also provides support for other SAP Cloud Platform services such as the API Management and Translation Hub services.

Once you have generated your app, configure it through the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services cockpit if required. For more information, refer to the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services documentation.