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The Foundation component includes modules that can be used to integrate your application with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, including communication, authentication, caching, remote notifications, and more.


This section assumes a familiarity with SAP Cloud Platform concepts, basic administration, and application configuration. See the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services documentation for more information on these services.

Mobile Service Application Parameters

The following attributes are needed in various API calls:

  • BackendURL - The server URL from the mobile services application APIs end points. This is used as the base URL for constructing various REST API end points.
  • ApplicationId - The application Id from the application definition in mobile services
  • DeviceId - The device Id is used to identify the device in the mobile application that is running. It is best to use an Id that is same across application sessions. It is recommended to use ANDROID_ID for this. The Device Id plays a role in push notifications and valuable Admin functionality in mobile services.

    String deviceId = android.provider.Settings.Secure.getString(context.getContentResolver(), android.provider.Settings.Secure.ANDROID_ID);
  • ApplicationVersion - The application version for your mobile application. This version is used in reporting APIs.