AppUsageUploader.UploadListener Listener for the AppUsageUploader to dispatch usage upload events-- progress and completion status. 
UsageSnapshot This is the interface that defines the behavior of a usage snapshot object. 
UsageStore Provides interface for the store object to persist the UsageRecord reported by all UsageReporters. 


AppUsage The SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services server supports a specific format of Usage data and event types, its client Usage implementation AppUsage follows the Usage Framework API (Usage) and provides simplified utility methods and encrypted usage store. 
AppUsageInfo A helper class that embeds usage event information and provides chained setter methods to set values with Cloud Platform Mobile Service specific keys. 
AppUsageUploader This class is used for uploading client usage information to SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services. 
Usage This class serves as the entry point to a set of framework APIs that allow you to extend and implement your own usage reporting based on your own server, to collect, store, and upload client usage events in a flexible way. 
UsageBroker Collect, store and upload client usage events in a flexible way and send it to an analytics server. 
UsageInfo This class embeds name/value pair properties in a HashMap and is part of a UsageRecord
UsageRecord<T extends Enum<T>> A Usage Record represents a single unit of usage information reported by a UsageReporter, it contains a Date, UsageInfo, and a user defined event implemented as an Enum instance. 
UsageReporter Each Usage Reporter is assigned a Target ID, and reports usage by persisting the UsageRecords into the UsageStore