CreateDatabaseCallback This interface is used to provide callback methods to create or update database objects when instantiating Secure Database Store via SecureDatabaseStore(Context, String, int, CreateDatabaseCallback)


SecureDatabaseResultSet Executing a SQL query returns a SecureDatabaseResultSet object. 
SecureDatabaseStore Secure Database Store provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of data stored in a SQLite database. 
SecureKeyValueStore The SecureKeyValueStore is used to persist key-value pairs using an encrypted backing store. 
SecurePreferenceDataStore A PreferenceDataStore implementation encrypts contents using 256-bit AES encryption, and is provided to the Preference framework via setPreferenceDataStore(PreferenceDataStore)


BackingStoreException Signals that an error occurred during SecureDatabaseResultSet or SecureDatabaseStore operations. 
FileClosedException Signals that an operation is attempted when the associated SecureDatabaseResultSet, SecureDatabaseStore, or SecureKeyValueStore has been closed. 
FileMissingException Signals that underlying persistence store file does not exist. 
OpenFailureException Signals that an error occurred when opening the Secure Database. 
TransactionFailureException Signals that an error occurred during database transaction related operations. 
TypeConversionException Signals that an error occurred when converting data types during operations of SecureKeyValueStore, SecureDatabaseStore, or SecureDatabaseResultSet