AbstractObjectCellRecyclerAdapter.ViewHolder.ClickListener A ClickListener interface which can be implemented by Activity to handle OnClick and OnLongClick events. 
ObjectCellSwipeControl.ObjectCellSwipeControlListener the listener interface which user should implement in his/her own activity for the actual action corresponding to the swiping gesture. 


AbstractEntityCell Abstract base class for views to show detail image, headline, subheadline, and description. 
AbstractEntityCell.GroupLayoutParams Layout information for child views of AbstractEntityCells. 
AbstractObjectCellRecyclerAdapter<VH extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder>  
AbstractObjectCellRecyclerAdapter.ViewHolder A default ViewHolder for ObjectCell which can be extended by user in his/her own implementation of AbstractObjectCellRecyclerAdapter  
CollectionView The CollectionView Cell is an alternative for ObjectCells/Contact cells inside RecyclerView
CollectionView.CollectionViewAdapter CollectionViewAdapter is subtype of SectionedRecyclerViewAdapter class written to create CollectionViewItem, allow users to bind the required CollectionView with correct data. 
CollectionViewItem The CollectionViewItem Cell fits inside CollectionView, ListView or RecyclerView
GridObjectCell Wrapper of GridTableRow and ObjectCell which shows GridTableRow in standard(tablet) mode, and changes to ObjectCell in compact mode. 
GridTableRow A data table is a range of labeled columns and rows used to present numbers, text, or even images. 
GridTableRow.LayoutParams GridTableRow LayoutParams extends ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams to add columnIndex and columnWidth so that child view can specify their order in column list and expected column width. 
KeylineDividerItemDecoration Copy of Android androidx.recyclerview.widget.DividerItemDecoration with key line support. 
ObjectCell A list item that shows a business object. 
ObjectHeader The object header provides a quick view of the most important or most frequently-used information about one instance of an object. 
ObjectHeader.LayoutParams Layout information for child views of an ObjectHeader. 


GridObjectCell.ObjectCellField ObjectCell field to be used for table columns during table to ObjectCell mapping