About the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android provides development tools for creating native Android mobile applications that use SAP Cloud Platform mobile services. The SDK is based on the Java programming language and is built on top of Google's Android SDK.

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android provides:

  • End-to-end integrated security
  • Access to core SAP S/4 HANA data and business processes as well as access to third-party data sources
  • Access to SAP Cloud Platform capabilities and services
  • Support for offline apps
  • Enterprise-grade logging and usage reporting support

This SDK focuses on application development with a "device to back-end" view instead of only client-side libraries. The tools in the SDK are specifically designed to help you quickly develop the framework for enterprise apps so that you can focus on implementing your business logic.

The SDK ships with an Android Studio plugin called the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard ("Wizard"). This plugin simplifies the development of your Android projects by generating hundreds of line of source code.


Kotlin is fully supported in Android Studio 3.0+ and can be used to build applications with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android (which is written in Java). The SDK documentation contains snippets for Kotlin in the user guide and code samples sections. For more information on Kotlin style and interoperability with Java, refer to the Kotlin Style Guide.

About the Documentation

For more information about the SDK, refer to the following topics, sections, and guides:

  • SDK Components: This section provides overviews of the Fiori, Foundation, and OData components. It also describes the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard, an Android Studio plugin that lets you create a starter Android app.
  • Release Notes: This section lists new features and provides migration information for this release.
  • Getting Started: This guide steps you through the tasks for installing the SDK, and running the Wizard. When you have completed this Getting Started section, you’ll have a new project open in Android Studio with the code required for your app to connect to the SAP Cloud Platform, access your OData service, and use various Cloud Platform services.
  • Development Guides: These guides describe how to use the software components provided by the SDK. This section also describes some of the SDK's security features and provides some recommendations for using them to safeguard your app's data.
  • Sample Code: This section provides code snippets for performing the most common OData and Foundation operations.
  • API Reference: This guide provides descriptions of the available classes. Use it to learn more about the interfaces and constructors for each class as well as the methods, parameters, and events.