What's New in 3.0

Notable new or changed features for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android version 3.0.

Upgrading to the Latest Version of the SDK

Extract the contents of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android software update file to a folder on your computer and run the installation script. The installation script copies the SDK libraries to the local Maven repository and reinstalls the Android Studio plugin.

The installation script does not overwrite older versions of the SDK libraries. These are still present in the local Maven repository after the upgrade. This ensures applications referencing the older SDK will continue to compile.

For existing applications, manually update the SDK version in your Gradle files to the new one.


You can update the SDK version for your Wizard projects using the sdkVersion property in the gradle.properties file at the root of the generated project.

Foundation Library

New features:

  • Automatic upload for logging and usage

    • Upload when the app is started, or a certain size is reached (e.g. 100KB of log size)
    • Try three times if an upload fails, with an increasing delay between attempts
    • Upload only when the device is online

New methods to existing APIs:

  • New methods for Logging class

    • New upload methods for Logging class
    • New method to add upload listener for Logging class
    • New method to remove upload listener for Logging class
  • Support multiple listeners for AppUsageUploader class.

    A list of listeners is defined for AppUsageUploader instead of a single listener, and two new methods are added to register and unregister a usage listener.

  • For several upload methods in UsageBroker class that include AppUsageUploader.UploadListener as an input parameter, the listener is actually not restricted to a single upload call, but defined globally for AppUsageUploader. So it's confusing to include AppUsageUploader.UploadListener input parameter in upload methods.

    Add new upload methods without AppUsageUploader.UploadListener input parameter for UsageBroker class.

New API:

Add a static initializer to make it easier for client code to initialize the SDK features, providing the following functions:

  • Add an SDK facade with an initialize method that accepts SettingsParameters, OkHttpClient, and a list of SDK components to initialize.
  • When logging and/or usage are listed as SDK features, the initializer will do the initialization and automatically upload the data.
  • The initializer will automatically download client policies, storage service data, user roles, and client resources.
  • The initializer will automatically upload the Firebase token to Mobile Services for push registration.

Fiori UI

New Chart Cards Component

Fiori UI now provides a Chart Cards to concisely display chart plots and associated metadata.

Fiori UI now provides support for a multi-step Consent Form to obtain consent from the end user, supporting both optional and mandatory steps.

New Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Support

Fiori UI now provides an OCR control to scan and parse blocks of text.

New Column Chart Component

Fiori UI now supports the ColumnChart control.

New Banner Control

Fiori UI now supports a Banner control to prominently display important information when a response is needed from the user.

KPI Component

A new KPI Component is now provided to display Key Progress Indicators (KPI), including optional graphical elements and progress indicators.

Enhancements to Map Controls

The Map Controls have been enhanced to support right-to-left (RTL) locales as well as offline map tiles.

Enhanced Biometric Support

The biometric capabilities of the Onboarding component have been enhanced to provide basic support for biometrics in addition to fingerprint.

Enhancements to ObjectCell

The ObjectCell has been enhanced to provide support for selection modes.

Enhancements to GridObjectCell

The GridObjectCell has been enhanced to provide improved icon stack mapping.

Support for Additional Languages

  • Support added for Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Malay, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, and Slovenian.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard

  • Update the application generated by the Android Wizard to reference new Foundation APIs.