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What's New in 2.0

Notable new or changed features for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android version 2.0.

Upgrading to the Latest Version of the SDK

Extract the contents of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android software update file to a folder on your computer and run the installation script. The installation script copies the SDK libraries to the local Maven repository and reinstalls the Android Studio plugin.

The installation script does not overwrite older versions of the SDK libraries. These are still present in the local Maven repository after the upgrade. This ensures applications referencing the older SDK will continue to compile.

For existing applications, manually update the SDK version in your Gradle files to the new one.


You can update the SDK version for your Wizard projects using the sdkVersion property in the file at the root of the generated project.

Kotlin-Java Interop

Nullability annotations have been added to the APIs for better Kotlin support. For Java, lint warnings will appear for nullability contract violations.

Flows library

Flows is a new library that combines capabilities of existing foundation and fiori libraries in a higher-level library that provides onboarding flows that application developers can use to develop more complex flows with only a few lines of code.

Flows directly supports the following authentication mechanisms, provides runtime configuration (download and acquisition), and secure store creation: - Basic - OAuth2 - SAML

Fiori UI

New UI components and enhancements to existing components:

  • New Collection View component for displaying a collection of horizontally scrollable cells
  • Enhancement to Simple Property Form Cell component to allow for alternative input (for example, scanning a barcode)
  • Enhancements to the Object Cell component to allow for customizing alignment and dynamically determine cell height in cases where cell content varies widely from cell to cell

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android Wizard

New feature and feature enhancements: