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Migration 2.0

There are changes to various SDK libraries, as well as migration requirements to consider when you move from one version of SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for Android to the next.

Kotlin-Java interop

Builds may start showing warnings if you have any code that violates nullability contracts with the SDK. These warning should be corrected to avoid runtime errors.

Fiori UI

Several components have been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

  • ListPickerFormCell is being deprecated. It is replaced by the more flexible GenericListPickerFormCell.
  • ListFormCellFilterActivity and TextViewFormCellFilterActivity are being deprecated. They are replaced by the more flexible GenericListPickerFormCellActivity and its subclasses.
  • ListFilterViewItemAdapter is being deprecated. It is replaced by the more flexible GenericListPickerFormCellAdapter.
  • ListPickerBindByViewIdBinder is being deprecated. It is no longer needed by GenericListPickerFormCellActivity and its subclasses.

Additionally, the isTablet method of FioriSearchView is being deprecated. The isTablet method of the class should be used instead.

Offline OData

It is recommended to access Offline OData specific entity sets through new methods added to the OfflineODataProvider class and newly introduced proxy classes, although you can still use the dynamic API as before.

  • ErrorArchive: use the OfflineODataProvider.getErrorArchive() method to access to a list of OfflineODataErrorArchiveEntity objects.
  • EventLog: use the OfflineODataProvider.getEventLog() method to access to a list of OfflineODataEvent objects.

See Offline OData API Reference for further details.